European Forum

of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups

What is the European Forum?

The European Forum of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups is an ecumenical association of LGBT Christian groups in Europe. The European Forum aims to achieve equality and inclusion for LGBT people within and through Christian churches and other religious bodies and multilateral organisations. With over 40 member groups from more than 20 countries in Europe, the European Forum works for freedom of religion for LGBT people, for human rights, for the dignity of LGBT people and for an affirmative discourse on human sexuality.

A Growing Network

The European Forum is a growing ecumenical network of more than 40 groups from more than 20 countries in Europe. The groups and their members support one another and any individuals who are facing discrimination. The European Forum also represents the member groups in discussions with ecumenical bodies, national churches, and civic and political organisations.

Annual Conference

Each year, mostly at around Ascension, the European Forum meets for a conference in a different country. During this conference, the Annual General Meeting of the organisation takes place with delegates from all the member groups. Women, who are especially interested in networking with other European women, are welcome to also take part in the women's preconference. For those identifying as men, there is a men's preconference, too.


The European Forum started off in Paris in 1982. Since then, the European Forum looks back with pride on its achievements that include

  • a constant growth in the number of member groups,
  • an increase in participation by women,
  • the support of emerging groups from Central and Eastern Europe,
  • high level contacts with the Conference of European Churches (CEC), and
  • official contacts and liaison with the World Council of Churches (WCC).


The European Forum offers

  • sharing information,
  • international co-operation,
  • experience of different cultural traditions and Christian worship,
  • friendship across political, cultural and language boundaries.


The European Forum is steadily professionalising its work. To make the interdependencies of our bodies more transparent, an organisational chart is available.

Organisational Chart (PDF, 120 kB)


If you are interested in the European Forum's work, please contact us!