Get Involved

In what way do you want to get involved?

Hopefully, you feel welcome to be part of the European Forum of LGBTI+ Christians. There are various ways you can be part of our community. 

The European Forum has member groups all throughout Europe. Each of the groups and its website (where available) can be found on the member-group page

To become a member group, we ask you to fill in this Word document with (contact) information. 
You can send this form to our secretary.

Become a Forum Friend

You want to

  • support the European Forum of LGBTI+ Christian Groups,
  • stay in touch with Christian LGBTI+ people throughout Europe,
  • be involved in the work the European Forum is doing?

Forum Friends is the way to do this!

Forum Friends brings together people that want to be part of the European Forum of LGBTI+ Christian Groups but are not able/do not want to join one of the member groups. All members of Forum Friends together as a group have the same rights and opportunities within the European Forum as any other member group. Unlike other groups, the organisational aspects are taken care of by the European Forum, usually the Secretary of the Board. Each member of Forum Friends receives important documentation directly. At the Annual General Meeting (AGM), Forum Friends is represented by those Friends who are present. They decide amongst themselves how to handle their votes.


You may join Forum Friends if you

  • have attended at least one of the Annual Conferences and are therefore known to the European Forum or
  • have the recommendation of two trustworthy people, who are known to the European Forum,
  •  contact our Secretary and declare your interest in joining Forum Friends,
  • pay the membership fee (€ 25.00 per year).

Join our Mailing List

Join the e-mail list of the European Forum, which we also call our “e-group”, to receive and share personal statements, information about issues concerning Christianity and LGBTI+ as well as political advocacy from all over Europe and other parts of the world!

The list is hosted on For security reasons, you must have attended at least one Annual Conference and be recommended by someone from within the European Forum to join the e-mail list. If this is the case, you may send a request or click this link to join. Do not forget to mention your own name, the name of the person recommending you and the Annual Conference you visited.