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Highlight of the 2021 conference was the presentation of the Rainbow Index of Churches in Europe (RICE). The index measures the inclusivity of LGBTI people in 46 churches throughout Europe on the basis of 47 criteria for inclusivity
Open Church Service 2021 from the Church of the Nazarene in Vlaardingen, Netherlands, as part of 2021 conference
For five years now Kertsin Söderblom blogs on kreuz & queer. In the book Queer theologische Notizen her blogs are collected. Blogs and book are written in German.
Bisexual Christians across Europe are given a voice, producing rich data that should be of use to pastors and supporters of LGBT+ people for years to come. Bi: The Way is the missing book on the LGBT Christian bookshelf.
This lecture was held by Cosimo Scordato introducing the workshop “The coniugio: a Catholic perspective” at the European Forum Annual Conference in Albano Laziale, Italy on May 11th, 2018