Voting at the AGM

Basic Requirements

Your Group is a Member Group of the European Forum and has paid the membership fee due (invoices are sent out in the first quarter of the year).


  1. You choose your delegate(s), and have them register for the conference (at a minimum the part when the AGM takes place).
  2. You fill in the Mandate Form to give your delegate(s) the power to vote on your behalf. The blank Mandate Forms are sent out by the EF’s secretary at least a month before the AGM.


Before the AGM, your delegates hand the signed Mandate Form to the EF’s secretary and receive their voting cards based on the size of your group.

With the voting cards, your delegates can vote at the AGM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a delegate for our group?

Anyone you choose and empower through the Mandate Form. Legally, they do not even have to be a member of your group. But of course, someone who is active in your group knows more about your wishes and preferences.

What do I do if my group has forgotten to send the Mandate Form?

If you have a signed copy with you, that is perfectly fine. If you do not, send an e-mail with a blank mandate form to your group and have them send a filled-in and signed version (PDF or similar) to our Secretary before the AGM.

What happens if my group has not paid the membership fee?

The fee is due before the start of the AGM. Groups that have not paid cannot vote. You can settle the fee in cash with the treasurer before the start of the AGM.