European Forum

of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups

Annual Conferences

Each year the European Forum has a conference meeting, mostly (but not always) around Ascension day. Below is an overview of all conferences. From some conferences we have more information, which can be found in the menue.

Upcoming Conference

2021 Online (organised by the Dutch team), 7–9 May: Strong Voices (AGM on 1 May)

Past Conferences

2020 Online (organised by the Hungarian team), 9–11 October: Come Out Into The Light!

2019 Canterbury, United Kingdom, 26–29 June: Breaking New Ground

2018 Albano/Rome, Italy, 9–13 May: Towards Welcoming and Affirming Christian Communities

2017 Gdansk, Poland, 25–28 May: Forwards in Solidarity

2016 Göteborg, Sweden, 3–8 May: Richness in Diversity

2015 Merville, France, 22–25 May: Intercultural Contacts: Babel or Pentecost?

2014 Tallinn, Estonia, 20–25 May: Sailing with Hope

2013 Zug, Switzerland, 8–12 May: Our Vocations – Unsere Berufungen – Nos vocations

2012 Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 16–20 May: Lead Us Beyond Acceptance! – Leid ons de acceptatie voorbij!

2011 Berlin, Germany, 5–8 May: Surrounded by Friends – Von Freunden umgeben

2010 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, 23–27 June: Rejoice and be exceeding glad!

2009 Järvenpää/Helsinki, Finland, 20–24 May: Courage to Follow the Law of Love

2008 St. Albans, United Kingdom, 30 April–4 May: Under the Rainbow – Rainbow Ecumene

2007 Strasbourg, France, 17–20 May: Overcome the Homophobia Within Our Churches / Vaincre l'homophobie dan nos Églises

2006 Riga, Latvia, 22–26 May: Family Perspectives

2005 Oslo, Norway, 25–29 June: Imagine There's a Heaven

2004 Stockholm, Sweden, 19–23 May: Paths to Openness

2003 Heemskerk/Haarlem, The Netherlands, 30 April–2 May: Living in Commitments

2002 Basel/Leuenberg, Switzerland, 9–12 May: The 20th Forum Conference: Struggle and Comtemplation

2001 Otwock/Warsaw, Poland, 1–4 May

2000 Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, 3–7 May: Lesbian and Gay Christians: Forging Dialogue with the Churches

1999 Vienna, Austria, 12–16 May: Under the Rainbow: Gay and Lesbian Culture in Europe: Consumerism and Spirituality – Realities and Visions

1998 Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 20–24 May: Solidarity, Justice and Freedom for Lesbians and Gays in Europe

1997 Tolouse, France, 8–11 May: Gays and Lesbians, Christians, Europeans – Which challenges do we see?

1996 Oslo, Norway, 16–20 May: Different European People

1995 Driebergen/Utrecht, The Netherlands, 25–28 May: Changing Church Attitudes?

1994 Pilà/Bratislava, Slovakia, 12–15 May: The Forum Goes East

1993 Höör/Malmö, Sweden, 20–24 May: Freedom Is Coming

1992 Männedorf/Zürich, Switzerland, 28–31 May: Europe—A Challenge to us All

1991 Driebergen/Utrecht, The Netherlands, 9–12 May: The Future Is Ours

1990 Strasbourg, France, 24–27 May: From the Freedom of Loving to a Christian Community

1989 Prali Ghigo/Turin, Italy, 4–7 May: Christian Theology: Lesbian & Gay Liberation

1988 Uxbridge/London, United Kingdom, 12–15 May: Not Just Gay, Not Just Christian, but Wholly Human

1987 Mauloff/Frankfurt, Germany, 7–10 May: Broaden Your Vision

1986 Oslo, Norway, 8–11 May: Gay Christians as a Human Resource

1985 Antwerp, Belgium, 7–9 June: Called Into Liberty

1984 Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2–3 June: Proud to Be Gay—and what this means to the churches

1983 Strasbourg, France, 11–12 June

1982 Paris, France, 23–24 October: Founding Meeting