Roman Catholic Church Working Group in Rome

Representatives of the Roman Catholic Church Working Group (RCC WG) of the European Forum of LGBTI+ Christian Groups met in October in Rome during the synod of the bishops, that has marked the start of the final phase of the synod on synodality initiated by the pope Francis back in 2020. The meeting was a […]

Report from Spirit Unbounded conference

The Synod on Synodality – the big event that’s been happening for the last few years in Roman Catholic Church – is finally coming to an end. The bishops (with a small addition of a few lay people, including, for the first time, women) gathered in Rome to bring together ideas and findings from their […]

Get Involved in the Synodal Process

Teaser for 2022

Pope Francis has called a Bishops’ Synod in the autumn of 2023 to look at what it means to “walk together” as the people of God. Its first stage of preparation began this October with the local (diocesan) phase, which is described as “consultation and participation of the People of God” and ends in April 2022.

Rainbow Index and Open Church Service

Presentation RICE

part of the annual conference 2021, the Rainbow Index was presented and we had, as each year, an Open Church Service. These events are available on YouTube, here you can find the links—and of course the link to the decoration of Wielie Elhorst!

Conference Program and Registration

May is coming closer. The preparation team is very busy in building an attractive programme for you. We will give you an impression of our plans and an overview of how the conference week is planned.