Names & Places at Synodal Tables

As we come to a close of the current Synodal Process of the Roman Catholic Church this October, all participants had been asked for submission towards the 2024 assembly. Many national groups of LGBTI+ Catholics from around the globe have done so and below, you can find submission prepared by the Roman Catholic Church Working Group (RCC WG) of the European Forum of LGBTI+ Christian Groups.

Volunteers from the RCC WG have worked hard from 2021 on to have our names and places at the synodal tables. The RCC WG has supported the national groups or individuals throughout the local, national, continental, and also global stage of the synod. Our main highlights have definitely been our meetings during the synodal assemblies and the recent synodal webinar series.

There has a been a variety of experiences with participation of LGBTI+ Catholics across the various regions of Europe. During the catholic pre-conference of the European Forum annual conference in Varese in May 2024, participants have shared their experiences and after many revisions agreed of the following text.

If you want to get involved with the Roman Catholic Church Working Group of the EF or share your synodal experience, do get in touch with the secretary of the group, Miroslav Maťavka of Slovakia, via