Agape Fund

Making Sure that Member Groups are Represented at the Annual Conferences and the AGM

The economic differences within Europe are significant. Sending a delegate to the yearly conferences and casting the group’s vote at the AGM means spending money on travel and conference fees. In some parts of Europe, the economic situation makes it unlikely that groups and individuals manage to raise the necessary funds among themselves. It is important for the Forum that representation is not restricted to the affluent. The Agape Fund helps to mitigate the differences.


All Forum Groups and their members are encouraged to donate to this fund. Your donations can go to the European Forum’s bank account that you find on the Donations page. Give as reference “Agape Fund”.


If you come from a European country that is struggling economically, you can apply for support from the Agape Fund to attend the conference. However, support is limited to the funds available. Some of the criteria for support are:

  • Are you a delegate from a group that is a member of the Forum or is sincerely considering joining?
  • Do you represent a European country where the Forum currently has no contacts? In this case, your participation may help to establish contacts for the future.
  • Does your presence help to establish gender balance among the participants?

Application forms are published in connection with the conference publication. Check the page of the upcoming conference for more information. 

Granted Applications

In the table below we listed how many people could come to some of the previous conferences with help form the Agape Fund and where they came from.

YearConference locationNumber of PeopleHome countries
2001Obwoch, Poland4Slovakia, Russian Federation, Czech Republic and Poland
2002Basel / Leuenberg, Switzerland5Russian Federation and Slovakia
2003Heemskerk, The Netherlands2Russian Federation and Slovakia
2004Stockholm, Sweden6Latvia (2), Slovakia, Russian Federation, Serbia (1) and Moldova
2005Oslo, Norway2Romania and Latvia
2006Riga, Latvia2Serbia and Slovakia
2007Strasbourg, France1Latvia
2008St. Albans, United Kingdom4Armenia, Latvia, Serbia and Moldova
2009Järvenpää / Helsinki, Finland5Armenia, Latvia, Moldova and Russian Federation
2010Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain2Russian Federation and Ukraïne
2011Berlin, Germany  
2012Amsterdam, The Netherlands18Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Ukraine
2013Zug, Switzerland16Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation