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New Run of the Mentoring Programme


The Board of the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups is happy to announce the second round of the Mentoring Programme running from February 2018 to May 2019.

The detailed description of the Programme is outlined below.

If you are interested in participating as mentee or mentor, please use the forms: the availability declaration form for potential mentors and the application form for potential mentees. 

For further questions, you may address the Coordinator for Eastern European activities on the Board This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the second coordinator of the Mentoring Programme This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mentoring Programme

The Mentoring Programme has the purpose to strengthen European LGBT Christian activists or group leaders through regular contacts and exchange of experience. The Programme will give the participants an opportunity to discuss questions of group dynamics and leadership, pastoral care, theology and faith, social pressure and activities to address public opinion, the general political situation from the perspective of an LGBT Christian group or anything else that is important to both partners in the pair. The type of relationship wanted is an accompanying one.

This run of the Mentoring Programme offers a continued accompaniment for 10 tandems to be matched. Each tandem will consist of a mentor and a mentee. They will be matched based on skills and topics they wish to work on; a common language between the matched partners is a requirement.

In mentees’ recruitment for this, second, run of the Programme, priority will be given to representatives of Eastern, Central and Southern Europe. Special focus will be on female and trans* participants. The mentors can be based in any part of Europe.

The Programme will be based on a regular exchange (monthly Skype or telephone calls, etc.). It includes the participation at the kick-off seminar in early February 2018, interim seminar in October 2018 and closing seminar in May 2019, as well as a visit for the mentoring partner to the location/group/organisation of the other partner (mentor to mentee and mentee to mentor). The Programme will be accompanied by the Programme Coordinators. Expenses related to participation in the Programme events and mentoring visits will be covered by the Programme. 

Selection of the participants will be made by the Programme Coordinators. Potential mentees should be LGBT Christian activists/leaders from the abovementioned contexts in need of support and accompaniment. Qualified mentor candidates would be people with several years of experience both in churches, parishes and/or LGBT Christian communities and/or in the LGBT movement. Criteria for the selection include the content of the applications and availability of matching partner in terms of needs and qualifications. At least basic knowledge of English is required, as partners must be able to understand the contents of the Programme events. The tandem language could differ from English if both participants are able to converse without a translator. If several applicants are similarly qualified, priority is given to women and trans* persons.