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Time to raise our voices gladly

What a wonderful performance at the opening of the European Forum conference in 2012 in Amsterdam!  Kees Posthunus, Marjon Klaassen and Tineke van der Schaaf did a great job preparing and performing this.

Part of the performance was the song you find here.

Time to raise our voices gladly

Words: Kees Posthumus
Music: European Hymn ‘Alle Menschen werden Brüder’

Time to raise our voices gladly
Time to lift our hearts today
Love of Christ is all around us
Time to stand up, walk the way
Out of slavery and darkness
Towards living openly
Hear the good news Christ has given:
Sisters, brothers, you are free!

Time of suffering and sorrow
Lay behind us. Time has come
To step in the light, so brightly,
Warm our bodies in the sun
Live and love as God has made you
You’re an apple of his eye
For us lays a shining future
Under blue and cloudless sky

Stand together, sisters, brothers
Keep the faith and keep it gay
Walk the way that leads to freedom
Future has begun today
Blind will see and deaf will hear
A new creation soon will be
Hear the good news Christ has given:
Sister, brother, you are free!