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What Does the Bible Say?

Yes, you can be lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans* and Christian. Yet, there are many, who question or even deny this and use biblical quotes to underline their view. On the other hand, there is an entire strand of biblical research that looks at accounts of people of faith within the bible, whose gender identity and sexual orientation do not fit the traditional stereotypes.

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Diversity in our life stories: an advantage for our participation in the ecological transition?

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Problems related to ecology raise questions with an increasing number of people. Here the stakes are shared world-wide. Within each of our countries, our leaders must take action in critical areas (to limit global warming, to protect the environment, …). But it is also reasonable to think about the paths that our own lives have taken. How can their diversity help us to commit ourselves to participation in the ecological transition?

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Stand together in solidarity

Stand together in solidarity presents twelve testimonies from religious lesbians and gays around the globe. You can download the booklet here in 8 different languages.

These twelve stand for sexual minorities and their communities worldwide. Believers and non-believers are invited to read and listen to their experiences and - due to space limitation - shortened reflections on spirituality and sexuality.

Their call wants to raise awareness on the need to stand together to do no harm amidst diversity and rights and against any form of violence, while we continue to journey together towards deeper understanding of human sexuality and diversity.

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