What Does the Bible Say?

Yes, you can be lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans* and Christian. Yet, there are many, who question or even deny this and use biblical quotes to underline their view. On the other hand, there is an entire strand of biblical research that looks at accounts of people of faith within the bible, whose gender identity and sexual orientation do not fit the traditional stereotypes.

The European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups is an ecumenical association with a diversity of people from many Christian traditions. The general approach in reading the Bible for the European Forum’s members and sympathizers is imbued with faith in God and love of all people.

But depending on whether you are grappling with the texts that are quoted against LGBT people or are searching for inspiration based on queer reading, you may want to look at very different resources. Also, your denominational background may well play a major role in what is useful to you. In some churches, tradition and the history of interpretation plays a much greater role than in others and, in a church that tries to understand Biblical texts in their historical and social context, you are usually confronted with different questions than in a congregation that believes the Bible to be inspired verbatim.

For some of your questions, our resource materials may prove helpful. For other, the links below may be more useful.


  • Reluctant Journey – A pilgrimage of faith from homophobia to Christian love by George S. E. Hopper (English)
  • Homepage of K. Renato Lings – Discussion of helpful ways of intepreting the “clobber texts” (English, Danish, Spanish)
  • Umgang mit Bibeltexten – Collection of texts concerning the handling of difficult bible texts (German)