European Forum

of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups

Prayer of thanksgiving and intercessions

Prayer of thanksgiving and intercessions from the Ecumenical Celebration in Merville, France, as part of the annual conference 2015

God of all people,
Thank you for bringing us together.
Although we sometimes have trouble understanding each other,
we still know we resemble and reflect your image:
the image of love, of forgiveness, of justice and of peace.
We are grateful that you have made us in this image,
with all the qualities that belong to humans,
meant to be with and live for each other,
sharing together our life and our love,
our pain and our sorrows.

Thank you, God, for our community.
We are the community of Pentecost.
We have come from so many countries and backgrounds,
not to build our towers of power and pride into the highest heavens,
not to claim we know it all and possess the knowledge of truth,
but to find and rediscover each other by surprise,
inspired by the same force of love
that wants to acknowledge people for who they are
and bring them together, to hold, to relate, to love.

God of the fire of Pentecost,
Help us to keep your flame burning,
as we return home again,
each in our own situation.
Help us to show the world
that your Spirit of love is not exclusive,
but abundant and promiscuous,
and as colorful and divers as we are.
Be with us with your Spirit
as we try to show the world
how your love comes to life
in our existence,
ready to be found
where people least expect it.

So we pray together singing: O Lord, hear our prayer

God, we want to put before you in prayer
the difficult situation of LGBTI people in Central- and Eastern Europe,
especially in Kyrgyzstan,
where they face laws
that are even more discriminating
and that are excluding them
from equal participation in public life.

So we pray together singing: O Lord, hear our prayer

We want to pray for the Europride in Riga next month.
Please, let it be understood
as a demonstration of the multicoloredness of your love
and of our willingness and eagerness
to enrich society and church with all we have to offer.
Let your spirit be upon the Rainbow Celebration
we will have in the Anglican Church during Europride.

So we pray together singing: O Lord, hear our prayer

God, we put to you in thanks and prayer
the openness of the Irish society
accepting same sex marriage.
At the same time we pray for all of the Irish people
who have trouble understanding this development.
Help us to see the work can not only be done in changing laws.
Help us work on winning the hearts of the people
who are disturbed by our presence
in public and church life.
Help us to be the instrument of your Divine love to all people.

So we pray together singing: O Lord, hear our prayer

We pray for our LGBTI sisters and brothers in West-Africa,
especially in Nigeria.
They face police harassment and brutality.
Strengthen them in the conviction
that they are made in your image,
upholding all that is good and real and honest.

So we pray together singing: O Lord, hear our prayer

Thank you, God, for all allies we find on our way.
We thank you for the life of Oscar Romero,
champion of the poor
and of all who were unjustly treated.
Thank you for the allies we find in organizations
and also our financial beneficiaries.
Help us uphold the agenda of humanity
we are all striving for.
It is in full honor of you, dear God.

So we pray together singing: O Lord, hear our prayer

We pray to you for all the work we do
in the European Forum and in the local groups.
We pray for the preparation
of the work from the Rainbow Center
during the German Kirchentage.
The preparation is beset with many problems:
in the coming of people,
the arrangement of their visas
and their problematic health.
Whatever happens, God,
bless the people that are involved
and bless their work.
It is not what we do perfect
but what we do in Your Name
that will be a blessing
to all people we serve.

So we pray together singing: O Lord, hear our prayer

And so we pray for ourselves, God.
We pray for all our beloved sisters and brothers
who have deceased.
We recommend them to you
in the Name of your Son Jesus Christ, our Brother.
We pray for our sisters and brothers
who wanted to be here but could not,
for whatever reason.
Be with them, wherever they are.
And we pray for those
who we tend to forget
in our lives and in our prayers.
God, help us to keep open eyes
for the people around us,
not losing sight of our humanity,
in all that we do.
Be with us,
keep providing us with
the grace, the courage and the love we need.

So we pray together singing: O Lord, hear our prayer

in a moment of silence we want to put before you
the people and the things
that live in our hearts
and that nobody but ourselves can express.


Have mercy on us all, God.

We know you have put your trust in us
as your own creation.
We pray: do not lose your trust in us,
as we try to remain faithful
Remain seeing us as your partners
in grace,
in forgiveness,
in redemption,
the community of Pentecost,
the current and future inhabitants
of your kingdom of love.