European Forum

of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups

Prayer before opening the Bible

Prayer before opening the Bible from the Ecumenical Celebration in Merville, France, as part of the annual conference 2015

Good God,

It is quite something
to have your Word in our midst.
So much has been done with it.
Can you still bear us reading from it,
for the danger of not understanding it yet again?
We have to, God.
Your Word needs to be heard.
We long for it,
even though or maybe just because
it is so puzzling sometimes
or so difficult to understand.
Your Word is so radically different from ours
and that is why we just love to listen to it.
Send us your Spirit now,
to understand,
to make sense of who we are
and who we can be,
for each other
and in your sight.

Good God,
that is quite something.