European Forum

of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups

Prayer on the treshold

Prayer on the treshold from the Ecumenical Celebration in Merville, France, as part of the annual conference 2015

God of all people,
We are gathered here in all diversity,
and in different moods:
in sorrow or maybe despair,
feeling abandoned or
fueled by the Spirit,
longing to meet you or
happy to stay at a safe distance,
worried about home and eager to return
or sorry to leave old and new friends.

Now, God, at this moment,
we are the body of Christ.
In whatever mood or spirit,
we come before you,
and try to surrender
to what this celebration has to offer
each one of us separately
and all of us as a whole –
a community of people
that want to reach out
and understand each other,
in the light of your love
and in the light of your Name, which is:
I will be there for you always.

Release us from the darkness
in our world,
in our lives,
in our hearts,
and shine your light
over all of us.