European Forum

of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups

The Beginning and Our Hope

In the services of the European Forum conference 2012 in Amsterdam we sang songs that are wellknown to the European Forum. And we introduced some Dutch church music to you. Each service started with the songs The beginning and Our Hope.

The words of these songs are written by Ineke Lautenbach, the music is composed by Willeke Smits. Simon Urquhart translated the original Dutch text into English. In the video below these songs are sung in Dutch by the Cantorij of the church De Rank in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands, where Ineke and Willeke belong to. At the piano you see Willeke, Ineke is in the choir. 

The video has subtitles in Dutch and English simultaneously, so you can study if you want!

To see the subtitles (if you don't see them automatically):

  • start the video
  • click the red button cc in the bar below the video
  • choose English