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Organisers Forced to Cancel LGBT Christian Forum in Yerevan, Armenia Amidst Violence and Death Threats

Panorama of Yerevan, Armenia

The European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups and the “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO (Yerevan, Armenia) are forced to announce the cancellation of this year’s Forum of LGBT Christians of Eastern Europe and Central Asia that was due to take place in Yerevan on 15–18 November 2018. We are deeply distressed and disappointed that political violence, death threats, and vandalism directed at LGBTI people are constituting a genuine threat to the safety of our participants.

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Response to the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Memo to Government Agencies

The European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups was shocked and saddened by the news that the US Department of Health and Human Resources has issued a memo to Government Agencies proposing that gender and sex are one, and that they are “determined on a biological basis”, if necessary supported by genetic evidence. There can only be male and female. Such a rigid viewpoint rules out any possibility of recognition of those with variant gender identity and could also affect some people with intersex conditions.

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Romanian Referendum on the Definition of “Family”: European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups Appalled by Romanian Orthodox Church Support, Urges Boycott

The European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups is extremely concerned by the upcoming referendum in Romania on 6 and 7 October 2018, which will determine whether to alter the currently neutral definition of “family” to one including only married, different-sex couples.

The European Forum fully supports a boycott of the referendum called for by activists in Romania and by ILGA Europe and urges the Romanian Orthodox Church to withdraw its support for such a divisive, discriminatory proposal.

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Press Release: Hopes and Expectations of Young LGBT People Towards the Youth Synod

The 37th Annual Conference of the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups, organised by Cammini di Speranza and REFO (Evangelical Network Faith and Homosexuality), took place in Albano Laziale, near Rome, 9 to 13 May 2018. On 12 May, the Conference included an event specifically for young LGBT+ people to provide input to the Youth Synod organised by the Roman Catholic Church, to find possible ways to reach a state of inclusive pastoral care.

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Public Conference: Towards the Youth Synod!

Do Christian churches have the will and the ability to welcome LGBT+ youth?

Rome, Aula Magna, Waldensian Faculty of Theology

via Pietro Cossa 44

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European Forum Grateful for Generous Donation from German Congregation

The European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups wishes to express its extreme gratitude to the Evangelische Kirchengemeinde from Nauheim, Germany, whose members recently chose to donate 1,400 euros to the European Forum’s Agape Fund.

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