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Breathing in the Spirit of Human Rights - Planned activities / tasks of the project manager

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Planned activities / tasks of the project manager

The following activities are planned and will be executed by the project manager in cooperation with the Board and the Advocacy Project Working Group of the European Forum:

  1. Mapping and monitoring the impact of the Religious Right upon the LGBT rights in countries from Eastern Europe.
    • This activity will involve documentation, interviews with various actors in the region, document analysis about the main human rights concerns for our European countries & region and will serve as a base for advocacy actions. This has already been done for Russia, but needs to be continued and extended on other countries of the region.
    • During this project an analysis report of the data collected as a result of the mapping and monitoring process will be developed, and will be launched for the use of our membership and partner-organizations.
  2. Enhancing the advocacy capacity of the European Forum in relation to the Council of Europe. This activity will involve:
    • establishing a new office within the building of COC Netherlands in Amsterdam;
    • creating an advocacy plan in cooperation with various partners and the European Forum Board;
    • coming up with various advocacy based papers on anti-discrimination, civil partnership and equal marriage for LGBT people and freedom of religion and belief for LGBT people, as a response to the positions expressed by various Religious Right institutions and the Holy See;
    • receiving formal recognition as an International NGO by the CoE;
    • co-organising a side event on LGBT, Religion and Human Rights in Strasbourg.
  3. Institutional capacity building for the European Forum, essential for strengthening a European voice of reference in combating various advocacy initiatives invoking freedom of religion and belief with the purpose of restricting LGBT rights. It will involve:
    • representing the European Forum in Strasbourg at session weeks and at the INGO Conferences,
    • establishing contacts with the LGBT Unit, the General Rapporteur for LGBT Rights and ILGA Europe as well as other PACE members and relevant European secular and religious based bodies, etc.;
    • organizational and advocacy training for the Board and the new established European Forum’s advocacy group working as the reference group mainly in relation to CoE and advocates to their national PACE members, in parallel with
    • the preparation of a strategic advocacy plan for 3 years and
    • an operational financial plan for supporting future Forum activities;
    • study tour to Strasbourg planned for a parliamentary session in the mid of 2014, facilitating the contact and advocacy based dialogue between PACE members and other relevant actors from CoE and LGBT representatives from Eastern Europe;
    • preparing promotional material as a leaflet about the European Forum and a video message from Church leaders.
  4. Assuring a broad participation and identification of the European Forum member groups with the advocacy project.
    This includes co-organizing the Annual Forum Conference in Tallinn in May 2014. It will be an European event focused on the clash between freedom of religion and other fundamental human rights as a central topic. It will be also the right format to introduce and gain knowledge and support for advancing our advocacy agenda to our membership.