European Forum

of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups

Project Description


The purpose of the project is to build on the Forum’s experiences in advocating on behalf of LGBT Christian groups and to increase its capacity for conducting strategic, sustained advocacy work that integrates all aspects of the organizations’ work (including institutional development, coalition building, counteracting fundamentalism, advocacy at the level of the European institutions). Planning and systematizing the advocacy work is ultimately intended to empower the Forum to conduct more effective, more proactive advocacy in combating religious-based homophobia.

Specific Objectives

  1. Increasing the capacity of the Forum to act as a European watchdog in combating religious-based homophobia affecting LGBT rights, especially in Eastern Europe,
  2. Resourcing and strengthening the constituency of the Forum to articulate their progressive voice in relation to the European institutions and international religious bodies.

Main Activities

  1. Mapping and monitoring the impact of the Religious Right upon the LGBT rights in countries from Eastern Europe,
  2. Enhancing the advocacy capacity of the Forum in relation to the Council of Europe,
  3. Enhancing the capacity of representation, dialogue, and advocacy of the Forum in relation to the World Council of Churches (WCC),
  4. Establishing a positive religious discourse on LGBT issues and building alliances with progressive academic theologians in countries with a strong influence of the Roman Catholic Church,
  5. Institutional capacity building for the Forum, essential for strengthening a European voice of reference in combating various advocacy initiatives invoking freedom of religion and belief with the purpose of restricting LGBT rights,
  6. Assuring a broad participation and identification of the Forum member groups with the advocacy project.

Timeframe and Finances

Total project costs: 150,000 €
Grant: 150,000 €
Time: 05/2013–12/2015