European Forum

of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups

Project Description


The current project will increase the capacity of mobilization of the European Forum in the favor of the LGBT equality, as institutional consolidation of the Forum as the main faith-based LGBT advocate in the region.

Specific Objectives

  1. Theological and media advocacy-instruments, that are highly needed for advocating LGBT equality in the area of freedom of religion and conscience, will be created and used in the European context.
  2. Increasing the communication and advocacy-coordinating capacity of the European Forum as the main LGBT advocate at European level.
  3. The interconnection with several other LGBT faith networks will mobilize public pressure and create public awareness related to LGBT families, religion and human rights issues, especially in relation to World Council of Churches, Council of Europe, European Parliament.
  4. Advocacy strategies of combating religion-based homophobia in relation to the Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic Church will be created, tested, and applied as an structured answer towards the concepts of “traditional values”, “family values”, and “gender ideology” misused by the religion-based opposition, especially in the Eastern European context.
  5. A strategic approach for maintaining LGBT equality issues on agenda will be developed in relation to the Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic Church by engaging various networks and coalitions under the coordination of the European Forum.

Main Activities

  1. WCC (supporting the work of the “Global Coalition”),
  2. Roman Catholic Church (LGBT Catholic Network, Family Synod, Council 50 Project, Book Project with testimonies),
  3. Orthodox Theology Seminar,
  4. Cooperation with ILGA-Europe and ENORB.

Timeframe and Finances

Total project costs: 154,000 $
Grant: 107,500 € (134,000 $)
Timeframe: 01/2015–12/2016