European Forum

of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups


Press Release: New Logo of the European Forum

The European Forum of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups is very proud to present its new logo. This design is the result of a process of reflection and decision over three years, and ushers in an era of exciting new developments for the organisation.

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Logo of the European Forum

For use in articles about the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups, its logo may be downloaded here.

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Press Release: “The Church Needs Its Own Stonewall Revolution”

LGBT Christians Hold Successful 36th Annual Conference and Attend Pride Parade in Gdańsk, Poland

Forwards in Solidarity was the theme and Free People in Free Countries was the challenge and call from lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, and others at the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups' 36th Annual Conference, held in Gdańsk, Poland, 24–28 May 2017. The European Forum includes over 50 groups, with some 140 participants from 21 European countries present at the 2017 conference. These included people from Anglican, Catholic, Evangelical, Reformed, and Orthodox traditions. Observers attended from ENORB (European Network on Religion & Belief), GIN (Global Interfaith Network), and ILGA (International Lesbian & Gay Association).

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Latest book of the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups on LGBT inclusion in Eastern Orthodoxy now available to buy on Amazon


The European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups (European Forum) is very happy to present its newest publication, “For I Am Wonderfully Made”: Texts on Eastern Orthodoxy and LGBT Inclusion, which is now available to buy in paperback format on Amazon. 

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Council of Europe Grants European Forum Participatory Status

We are very happy that the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups (EF) has been granted participatory status in the Council of Europe.

The Council of Europe is the continent’s leading Human Rights organisation. All 47 member states have signed the European Convention of Human Rights. With this decision, the Council affirms that listening to the perspectives of minorities is crucial when dealing with questions of Human Rights. The EF is now among the 300 plus international non-governmental organisations (INGOs) that have been granted participatory status, giving a voice to LGBT people of faith.

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Открытое письмо Святому и Великому Собору Православной Церкви

(For English, French, Greek, Romanian, German and Ukrainian versions please click here)


Открытое письмо Европейского Форума ЛГБТ-христианских групп
Святому и Великому Собору Православной Церкви, собранному на Крите в июне 2016 г.


Ваше Всесвятейшество, Ваши Святейшества, Блаженства, Высокопреосвященства и Преосвященства,
дорогие отцы, братья и сестры, делегаты Святого и Великого Собора!

Проведение Святого и Великого Собора Православной Церкви – событие огромного исторического масштаба – дает нам, Европейскому форуму ЛГБТ-христианских групп, экуменическому объединению более чем 40 групп со всей Европы, представляющему примерно 6 000 христиан – лесбиянок, геев, бисексуалов и трансгендеров (ЛГБТ), – возможность привлечь внимание глав Православных Церквей к положению их ЛГБТ-верных: положению, которое не может не вызывать нашего общего беспокойства.


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