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The Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of bishops in October 2014 offers Italian homosexual Christians the opportunity to accomplish a Copernican revolution: there will be a shift from a situation where the outcasts and the hidden were hoping and waiting for something to happen, for someone to change their pain, to one where hope becomes action and they refuse to be closeted because they are aware that their lives are as worthy and full as anyone else’s life.
Their testimonies can bring all sorts of communities to reflect together so that at the Synod a new pastoral care is conceived ‘with’ homosexuals and transexuals.

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Press Report of the European Forum Conference 2014

The European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups brings various gay Christian groups across Europe in contact with each other. The European Forum is an ecumenical network that provides support for LGBT Christians, works for equality for LGBT people within and through the Christian churches of Europe. The annual European Forum Conference is held aimed to exchange experience and inspiration for the member groups.

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Violent Attacks Against LGBT in Georgia

We, four delegates from the European Forum of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups at the 1st International IDAHO Conference in The Hague, Netherlands, were shocked to hear of the violence in Tbilisi, Georgia, on Friday. LGBT activists gathered to mark the day, and 21 attendees were caught up in the violence and injured. Orthodox priests were directly inciting stone throwing as clearly seen on media film footage.

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A Call to the Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church

The European Forum of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups, representing forty-six member groups from twenty-two European countries, and from Anglican, Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant confessions, welcomes the wise decision of His Holiness Pope Benedict 16 to retire from his ministry on Februar 28, 2013.

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Dutch Subsidy for International Project

The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science granted subsidy to an alliance of five Christian LGBT-organizations. The subsidy enables the Dutch organizations (LKP, ContrariO, CHJC, Netwerk Mirre and HolyFemales) to support Christian LGBT-organizations in Eastern and Southern Europe in improving their position within their countries and churches.

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Justice and Love CENSORED

The Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith (CDF) has issued a notification on the book Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics by Sr. Margaret Farley, professor emeritus of Christian ethics at Yale Divinity School. The CDF claims that her position with regards to masturbation, same sex love and divorce are not consistent with the official Catholic teaching.

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