European Forum

of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups


Queer Ways of Theology—International Conference in Warsaw

Saturday, 14th March 2015, 9:00am–6:00pm, Austrian Cultural Centre, 7/9 Prozna Street. Conference in English. Possibility to use simultaneous translation into Polish.

What is Queer Theology? What are its main variants and strategies? Why is it important for LGBTQ people? How does it challenge traditional churches and their teaching? These questions will be answered by speakers from the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, and Poland. In Poland, Queer Theology has just made its first steps.

This conference is an important event in Poland, where Queer Theology practically does not exist at theological colleges,

explains Artur Barbara Kapturkiewicz, the main organizer from Wiara i Tęcza.

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Backlash for Hopes of Gays and Lesbians

The final Relatio of the Family Synod has weakened the hopes for so much needed reforms within the Catholic Church.

This outcome is a disaster for gays and lesbians.

said Michael Brinkschröder, co-president of the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups.

The church has failed to become an open house for everybody. It's messages are inconsistent. It will take a long way to find common ground.

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LGBT Christians From All Over the World Gather in Rome

Logo The ways of love

Through the international theological conference Ways of love, for a pastoral care with homosexual and trans people we wish to help the Extraordinary Synod on the family reflect on welcoming LGBT people. The conference takes place on October 3th, 2014.

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A Welcoming Pastoral Approach to Homosexual and Trans People

Logo The ways of love

Some proposals for the Synod of bishops

As an integral part of the conference Ways of love, for a pastoral care with homosexual and trans people that took place in Rome on october 3thrd 2014, a document was read that summarizes the appeal that the Organizing Committee of the Third Italian Forum of LGBT Christians sent to the Italian participants to the Synod and to the secretariat of the Synod as a contribution to the work of the Synod itself. The paper was drawn up by a working collective over several months, starting from the responses made by Italian LGBT Christian groups to the questionnaire distributed last year.
This is a short version of the paper with a link to the whole paper.

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The Ways of Love

Logo The ways of love

The Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of bishops in October 2014 offers Italian homosexual Christians the opportunity to accomplish a Copernican revolution: there will be a shift from a situation where the outcasts and the hidden were hoping and waiting for something to happen, for someone to change their pain, to one where hope becomes action and they refuse to be closeted because they are aware that their lives are as worthy and full as anyone else’s life.
Their testimonies can bring all sorts of communities to reflect together so that at the Synod a new pastoral care is conceived ‘with’ homosexuals and transexuals.

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Press Report of the European Forum Conference 2014

The European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups brings various gay Christian groups across Europe in contact with each other. The European Forum is an ecumenical network that provides support for LGBT Christians, works for equality for LGBT people within and through the Christian churches of Europe. The annual European Forum Conference is held aimed to exchange experience and inspiration for the member groups.

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