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D&J—Being a Religious Believer and LGBT around the World

In this latest issue of “Dossiers D&J”, the magazine of our French member group “David & Jonathan”, the group gives a voice to LGBT people living in Africa, in Eastern Europe, in the Near or Far East, and elsewhere. They are of different religions (Christians from Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox backgrounds, Jews or Muslims), with different convictions, of different cultures, from countries, where their living conditions are quite variable.

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Press Release: The Importance of Trans* Inclusion

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During the 2015 annual conference of the European Forum, in Merville, France, changes to the internal regulations and statutes were made to promote greater trans* inclusion in the organisation. The Forum wants to attract more transgender groups and ensure that trans* people are fully included in the work . Towards this aim the Forum offers a trans* pre-conference to provide a safe space for trans* Christians to discuss and share relevant issues and has changes the internal regulations to encourage trans* representation on the board.

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Media Release: Worldwide LGBT Catholics & Parents Respond to Synod 2015 Working Document

A number of organisations and advocates who focus on pastoral care and social justice for LGBT people and their families, working to form a Global Network of Rainbow Catholics (GNRC), is disappointed by the 14th Ordinary Synod of Bishops’ Working Document (Instrumentum Laboris) on “The Vocation & Mission of the Family in the Church and Contemporary World”, published on 23 June 2015.

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Press Release: Rainbow Celebration in St. Saviour’s Anglican Church

European Forum of LGBT Christians to Host Special Service for All During EuroPride

St. Saviour’s, the Anglican Church of Riga, has opened her doors to the European Forum of Christian LGBT Groups to host a Rainbow Celebration (June 21), for the occasion of EuroPride.

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Press Release: Conference in Merville 2015

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250 Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals (LGBT), either Christians or from other spiritualities, are meeting together at Pentecost in the North of France to share their differences.

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Paying a Visit to the Council of Europe


Well, that was a very interesting and informative experience. It had been in my agenda for quite some weeks, but, for a long time, it was not clear exactly what I was going to do in Strasbourg for the European Forum on 22 and 23 April. It is probably illustrative of ordinary European Forum members like me trying to find their way into the wonderful world of the larger and more important European institutions that, in the long run, can be helpful for the cause of LGBT Christians/believers. I was invited by our project coordinator Florin Buhuceanu as a member of the Political Advocacy Working Group of the Forum.

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