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of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups


D&J—Being a Religious Believer and LGBT around the World

In this latest issue of “Dossiers D&J”, the magazine of our French member group “David & Jonathan”, the group gives a voice to LGBT people living in Africa, in Eastern Europe, in the Near or Far East, and elsewhere. They are of different religions (Christians from Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox backgrounds, Jews or Muslims), with different convictions, of different cultures, from countries, where their living conditions are quite variable.

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Press Release: The Importance of Trans* Inclusion

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During the 2015 annual conference of the European Forum, in Merville, France, changes to the internal regulations and statutes were made to promote greater trans* inclusion in the organisation. The Forum wants to attract more transgender groups and ensure that trans* people are fully included in the work . Towards this aim the Forum offers a trans* pre-conference to provide a safe space for trans* Christians to discuss and share relevant issues and has changes the internal regulations to encourage trans* representation on the board.

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Press Release: Rainbow Celebration in St. Saviour’s Anglican Church

European Forum of LGBT Christians to Host Special Service for All During EuroPride

St. Saviour’s, the Anglican Church of Riga, has opened her doors to the European Forum of Christian LGBT Groups to host a Rainbow Celebration (June 21), for the occasion of EuroPride.

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Queer Ways of Theology—International Conference in Warsaw

Saturday, 14th March 2015, 9:00am–6:00pm, Austrian Cultural Centre, 7/9 Prozna Street. Conference in English. Possibility to use simultaneous translation into Polish.

What is Queer Theology? What are its main variants and strategies? Why is it important for LGBTQ people? How does it challenge traditional churches and their teaching? These questions will be answered by speakers from the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, and Poland. In Poland, Queer Theology has just made its first steps.

This conference is an important event in Poland, where Queer Theology practically does not exist at theological colleges,

explains Artur Barbara Kapturkiewicz, the main organizer from Wiara i Tęcza.

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Violent Attacks Against LGBT in Georgia

We, four delegates from the European Forum of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups at the 1st International IDAHO Conference in The Hague, Netherlands, were shocked to hear of the violence in Tbilisi, Georgia, on Friday. LGBT activists gathered to mark the day, and 21 attendees were caught up in the violence and injured. Orthodox priests were directly inciting stone throwing as clearly seen on media film footage.

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Dutch Subsidy for International Project

The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science granted subsidy to an alliance of five Christian LGBT-organizations. The subsidy enables the Dutch organizations (LKP, ContrariO, CHJC, Netwerk Mirre and HolyFemales) to support Christian LGBT-organizations in Eastern and Southern Europe in improving their position within their countries and churches.

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