Dutch Subsidy for International Project

The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science granted subsidy to an alliance of five Christian LGBT-organizations. The subsidy enables the Dutch organizations (LKP, ContrariO, CHJC, Netwerk Mirre and HolyFemales) to support Christian LGBT-organizations in Eastern and Southern Europe in improving their position within their countries and churches.

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Across the Border

The subsidy will be used for the project Across the border (Over de Grens). The project aims to train Christian LGBT-organizations in Eastern and Southern Europe in having a fruitful dialogue with representatives from churches and the government in order to create ‘safe spaces’ for their members. The goal is equality and safety for LGBT’s within their own (religious) communities. The alliance will provide the trainers, techniques and other means necessary. Moreover, methods will be used that have already been developed within the European Forum, an ecumenical network consisting of 47 Christian LGBT-organizations in Europe.

Homophobia in Eastern and Southern Europe

Homophobia from both the government and the churches is a daily reality for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT’s) in many countries in the east and south of Europe. Currently countries such as Russia and Ukraine have bills under review that make it even more difficult for LGBT’s to be open about their sexuality. Churches and religious leaders frequently incite the social rejection of LGBT rights. In addition, Christian LGBT’s run the risk of being excluded from their religious communities.

Safe and Free

Earlier this year the Ministry already granted the alliance subsidy for four projects titled ‘Safe and Free’ (Veilig en Vrij). These projects provide Christian schools with education methods on sexual diversity, promote qualitatively sound psychological counseling for LGBT´s, and aim to improve the psychosocial position of Christian LGBT’s in general and lesbians in particular.

LCC Plus Projecten

Tis message is a press release from LCC Plus Projecten. Using this name an alliance of five christian LGBT-organisations  (LKP, CHJC, Contrario, HolyFemales.nl and Netwerk Mirre) caries out four projects to open up the discussion about homosexuality in  Christian circles, during the period 2012-2014. Again with subsidy granted by the  Ministry of Education, Culture and Science as in  2008-2011 when three of these organisations (LKP, CHJC and Contrario) did three projects on the same basis.