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2011 Euro Pride Rome, Italy: events on Faith and Homosexuality

Within the official program of the Euro Pride 2011, which will be take place in Rome from June 1st to 12th 2011, for the first time a section of events on Faith and Homosexuality has been inserted. 

The initiative is promoted by the roman group Nuova Proposta (New Proposal) in collaboration with many european and italian groups of gay Christians, together with the Gionata Project, the Italian Forum of Christian LGBT Groups, the European Forum for LGBT Christian Groups, Adista, and Noi Siamo Chiesa.

Film "Taking a Chance on God"

The program includes the world premiere of the film "Taking a Chance on God" about the life of John McNeill (who will be in Rome for the occasion, with the director of the movie), an exhibition of portraits by the artist Luca Loiacono, a conference on "LGBT people and Christian churches in Europe: fears and opportunities for full acceptance and inclusion”. Within the Pride Park, there will be also an information desk on Faith and Homosexuality showing books and papers about the theme.

Faith and Homosexuality

Opening of the conference“For all of us to be present at the Euro Pride – as the organizers say - means to have an exceptional opportunity to spread information and training on "Faith and Homosexuality", to contribute with our means so that the debate within the Christian churches leads to the removal of barriers and prejudices and to the development of awareness of homosexuality and transsexuality as mere variants of human condition and that homosexual and transsexual people obviously have the right to self-determination and therefore the possibility of designing a full life as every human being can.”

“It also means having the opportunity to talk about Christ and to bring His message of true Love and Inclusion at the center of the debate; to give a message of hope to homosexuals and transsexuals people who feel the need to combine (and we know that it can be done successfully) their faith and their sexual orientation (or gender identity).”

“It means finally, to show to Italy and Europe that homosexual and transsexual Christian people do exist, out of the shadows and silence. They do exist with the beauty of their lives, their jobs, their research. They exist in their desire to contribute to the evolution of the Church of God in the people.

Souls, Move Forward!

The slogan which characterises the whole initiative: "Souls, Move Forward!", inspired by the song "Avanzate, ascoltate (Advanced, listen)!" by Paolo Benvegnù, whose use has been kindly granted by the artists to be used in the background of the video with which some people Nuova Proposta testified to the point of their participation in  Euro Pride 2011. This slogan seeks to represent our full membership in a living church, in which everybody must be able to find his/her own space, a church which should not be static but dynamic, open to the contribution of each one of us. It also wants to stimulate all Christian homosexuals to come out in the sunlight and to make their contribution by telling the stories of their lives, their joys and sufferings, thus training and producing direct information on Faith and Homosexuality.
It means, finally, to encourage everyone not to give up their faith and spirituality, giving hope in the Love in Christ who does not obey to strict rules, but is overflowing of full life.

Program of initiatives

The project is developed through four strands:

  • Debate/discussion: on june 10th 2011 at 3 pm, a conference titled "GLBT people and Christian churches in Europe: fears and opportunities for full acceptance and inclusion"
  • Prayer: an ecumenical prayer will follow the conference
  • Participation/Information:  an information desk on Faith and Homosexuality will be organized within the Pride Park and members of many Italian and European glbt christian groups will march together at the parade on june 11th behind the the banner of the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups
  • Story-telling: the exhibition of portraits of LGBT Christians, made by the artist/photographer Luca Loiacono, and the world premiere of the movie "Taking a Chance on God", directed by Brendan Fay, about the life of John McNeil, one of the pioneers of the liberation movement of LGBT Catholics who, though now aged 85, will be in Rome for the occasion.

Contact and information

Andrea Rubera: +39 335 7510922

Innocenzo Pontillo: + 39 338 3622800