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Registration for the 2021 conference

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Registration for the online conference on 6-9 May 2021 is extended: now possible until Sunday 25 April 2021 at 24:00 hrs CEST.

If you still doubt: here's the Time Schedule to get an impression of the programme.

Costs of the conference

An online conference is much cheaper to organise than the real things. To cover the costs we need an average contribution of € 15,-.

If this is too much for you and /or you would apply for support from the Agapè Fund for or an 'in real life' conference you can pay less. Decide for yourself what you can afford.
For everyone who is in the position to pay more, please do!

In case we receive more money than we need, we will save the surplus for the conference of 2023, that hopefully will take place in the wonderful location in Venlo that we booked for 2021 before the pandemic started.


Please fill out the registration form..

At the end of form it is possible to pay immediately, which is for us the easiest way to handle your contributions. Possibilities to pay:

  • for SEPA countries: you can pay from your bankaccount (for Dutch participants: iDeal is supported)
  • you can use PayPal
  • you can use your credit card.

But you can also pay directly to our bank account (recommended for SEPA countires only):

Holder: Stichting Landelijk Koordinatiepunt Groepen Kerk en Homoseksualiteit
IBAN: NL43 BUNQ 2033 5281 46

Bank Address
bunq B.V.
Naritaweg 131-133
1043 BS Amsterdam
The Netherlands

LKP Address
Nieuwe Herengracht 49
1011 RN Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Transfer Title: YOUR NAME + Registration Fee 2021

Agapè Fund

This year we do not need the Agapè Fund to support participants who cannot pay for the whole conference and the trip. But in the future we will need it again, of course. Si if you want to make a donation, please refer to the Donation page to do so. Thank you so much!