European Forum

of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups

2021 Netherlands

The 2021 conference was planned in Venlo at Kasteel De Berckt on 5-9 May 2021. Because of the uncertancy about traveling possibilities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, board and prep team decided not to meet physivcally in Venlo, but to have an online conference instead.

The date for the conference is now 6-9 May 2021 (Thurday and Friday evening, Saturday all day and Sunday morning). The Annual General Meeting will take place one week before the conference on Saturday afternoon 1 May 2021. Pre-conferences will be planned on Sunday 2 May.

The organising groups are the Dutch member groups of the European Forum:

Conference Programme and Registration

Logo Strong Voices

May is coming closer. The preparation team is very busy in building an attractive programme for you. We will give you an impression of our plans and an overview of how the conference week is planned.

Then a word about registration. As you don't have to plan your journey, just block your diary. We still need some time to sort a few things out before we open registration. We hope to do that at the end of February, maybe the beginning of March.

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Strong Voices!

Logo Strong Voices

The thema of the online conference of the European Forum, organised from the Netherlands, is Strong Voices!

40 organisations, 150 persons from the whole of Europe

LGBTI-free zones in Poland, the Nashville statement in the Netherlands, above-average suicide among transgender people across Europe, campaigns against "non-traditional family relationships". Not every part of Europe is a safe place for LGBTI people and the climate is even getting worse in some areas.

We want to make a Strong Voice heard against the nationalist voices in Eastern, Central and Western Europe. It is our belief that God cares for the weak and oppressed in society and calls Christians, churches and organizations to look to after each other and to exclude no one.

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