European Forum

of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups

2018 Albano, Italy

The annual conference of 2018 will take place in Albano Laziale, near Rome in Italy on 10-13 May 2018. The Male/Female/Trans Pre-Conferences will start one day earlier, 9 May 2018. The theme of the conference is

Toward welcoming and affirming Christian communities

Looking Back at the Forum’s Annual Conference 2018

Last May, we (Frans, 24, and Matthijs, 26) visited the Forum’s annual conference for the first time. Just after coming home from the conference, this is what Matthijs wrote on Facebook: “Tired but very inspired by the annual conference of the European Forum for LGBT Christian Groups that took place near Rome the last couple of days. This group of people truly feels like family on so many levels. Somehow, I feel like I found a long lost piece of myself. Thank you to all these sweet and brave soul mates of mine, I love you for real.”

Now, a few months after the conference took place, we cannot describe this feeling much better. Even though regular life has buried our emotions to a certain extent, we can say that the Forum’s conference impacted our lives on a deep level.

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Provisional Programme

“Towards Welcoming and Affirming Christian Communities”

Albano Laziale / Rome, 9–13 May 2018

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