European Forum

of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups

The Conference Programme

A few impressions of what awaits you

Zug - The old townWEDNESDAY

Pre-Conference Women

We have a dream
We all have dreams in our own lives, for Christian lesbians, our own country and for the world.
Together we want to share our dreams, so that we can strengthen each other on our way. This will help us to find and live our vocations.
The women’s pre-conference starts on Wednesday, 8th of May at 17.00h.

Pre-Conference Men

Theme: Sex, porn and Christian faith
"All boys", that’s the title of the documentary from the Finnish filmmaker Markku Heikkinen. This film gives a deep insight into gay porn industry in Eastern Europe and in this case in the Czech Republic. Let’s watch with film together, enter into an open discussion about sex and porn especially as Christians. Have you ever thought about these questions?

1) Is Christianity generally negative or positive concerning sex/erotism?
2) When is sex sin and where are the limits?
3) Christian sexual ethics and urban single life…
4) What about casual, non commercial sex and commercial sex, prostitution and Christian ethics? Can I buy/sell sex and live with that as a Christian?
5) Is porn part of sexuality within a faithful and stable partnership?
6) Does sex always belong to a partnership? What about open relationships?

Be reassured…confidentiality will be guaranteed! We very much look forward to seeing you for this enthralling conference…!

Zug: view of the conference centerTHURSDAY

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony starts at 16.30h. We will be welcomed by representatives of the town and of several churches. A short theatre and various songs lead us into the topic of the conference: Our vocations!

The Forum and Its Member Groups

It’s been an eventful year for the Forum, and the near future promises to bring even more changes. On Thursday evening, we will hear a bit about what’s going on.
But the Forum is also a network of many groups spread out all over Europe and beyond. The evening is also an opportunity to gather and to exchange what’s going on in your corner of the world. For this, the member groups or participating countries will present themselves in a poster exhibition. There will be enough time to meet old friends and make new ones, at the special Forum-bar.


The Panel Discussion

On Friday, we have a panel discussion with Dr. Fulata Moyo, WCC (women in church and society program), NN. Conference of European Churches, NN. Fastenopfer, and representatives of the Forum concerning anti-discrimination and combating homophobic violence in churches.

The Workshops

The workshops offer a wide variety of topics, such as Bible-Translation, Storytelling as a strategic tool, or what “Vocation” means to us. There will be workshops on being a Christian in a wider lgbt-context, on HIV/Aids, or on meditative dancing.

Concert – Kartoschka

In the evening, the band Kartoschka will perform. They play folk music and are inspired by Eastern European music, gypsy tunes and Hungarian spring fields.


We will spend Saturday afternoon in Zurich. Various guided tours through the city will be offered but you also have the option to explore our “little big city” on your own.
At 18.00h, the evening service with eucharist begins in the Old Catholic Church (Augustinerkirche) at the Bahnhofstrasse right in the centre. Afterwards, we will have dinner at the “Haus zur Münz” next to the church.

At 22.00h, we will return to Zug to party! We are looking forward to dancing and celebrating life together with you! The club “Galvanik” is only about a ten-minute walk from the Youth Hostel.


On Sunday, after a brief outlook on next year’s conference, we will celebrate our farewell service. Afterwards, lunch is served and the conference officially ends at 13.30h.