Logo 2012 Ansterdam: rainbow tulip by Erica van Olden

In Berlin the organising commitee for 2012 Amsterdam presented itself with a famous old Dutch sung: Tulips from Amsterdam. They handed out plastic tulips in all different colours. They handed out tulip bulbs and hope that the people who took those with them will have a flower soon!

So a logo for the 2012 Amsterdam conference should be a tulip. We asked Erica van Olden to make something with a tulip and a rainbow. She made this beautiful picture.

Logo 2012 Ansterdam: rainbow tulip by Erica van OldenYou should see the real thing! That will be possible during the conference. For now you can see a big picture here.

If you want to see more work of Erica van Olden, you can have a look at her website. It's in Dutch, but this page with pictures of her paintings doesn't need any words. Don't forget to scroll down the page to see all styles of her work.