European Forum

of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups

Aims and Aspirations

The GLOBAL INTERFAITH NETWORK on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (about to be launched) identified aims and aspirations.

Identified Vision of the Network

Societies where the human rights of all individuals are respected regardless of SOGI

Identified Mission of the Network

Build solidarity amongst individuals of faith regardless of SOGI, promote dialogue, respect and affirm diversity within various contexts and achieve common goals of equality, spirituality and justice.

Identified Objectives of the Network

  • To create and protect safe spaces, to express vulnerability, diversity and to support each other to be active change agents.
  • To connect individuals with similar interests to develop relevant resources and guidelines.
  • To exchange best practices and relevant resources, from various contexts.
  • To reduce stigma and intersectional discrimination through advocacy and inclusivity.
  • To be a global voice on SOGI and faith.