European Forum

of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups

Émile Letertre About the Founding of the European Forum

Emile Letertre from France tells as one of the founders about the founding of the European Forum in 1980

This video was shown during the opening ceremony of the annual conference of the European Forum in 2015 in Merville, France and introduced by Yves:

We, as regular participants to the European Forum conferences, take for granted our yearly meetings. But, few newcomers know the origin of this supportive and friendly gathering.
It all originated in 1982 when Emile Letertre, a priest and member of the French lgbt group David & Jonathan, intuited that if he asked some of his friends from England, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands to meet in Paris they could start something urgently needed. Sixteen people responded, and the following year, in 1983, seven groups were present at the first annual meeting in Strasbourg, a highly symbolic place and a meeting full of promises.
I met Emile in the mid 80’s. We live in the same town in Brittany. In 1988 he asked me to take him to the Forum conference in London and that was my first contact with this wonderful organization.
Now Emile is 91 years old. His health is weak but he has remained very lucid and proud that his action, over 30 years ago, led to something that is still useful, uniting as it does some 40 member groups from over 20 countries.
As Emile enjoys repeating: “The little mustard seed from the Gospel has grown into a very tall tree indeed!”