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of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups

Other Events

European Lesbian* Conference

During the ILGA Conference in Cyprus in 2016, the idea for the European Lesbian* Conference was born, and the organisers managed to make it reality within one year. About 500 Lesbians*[1]  from all over Europe met in Vienna October 2017, 4th to 8th—an overwhelming response that far exceeded the original estimate of the organisers and underlined the need for such an event. Overall, it was an exhilarating experience and a great start for something bigger.

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Report About the ILGA Europe Conference 2017 in Warsaw

The annual conferences of ILGA Europe have become events that cannot be missed by the European Forum. From 1st to 4th November 2017, the European Forum went five people strong: Co-Presidents Elaine Sommers and Wielie Elhorst, Eastern Europe Coordinator Tatiana Lehatkova, Project Manager Misha Cherniak, and Fundraiser Damir Kurtagic. ILGA Europe now has a membership of over 500 organisations throughout Europe and Central Asia, and 570 representatives were present. As the political situation is changing in Europe, with populist movements on the rise and human rights for several groups—such as (LGBTI) migrants—being under ever greater pressure, the theme of the conference was well chosen: “Change! Communities Mobilising, Movements Rising!”

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“1st Global Forum of the People of God” by the GCN

The book “1st Global Forum of the People of God”, edited by François Becker from the Global Council Network (GCN), presents an overview of the preparation, the content and the follow-up of the gathering of delegates of Catholic reform groups, which came together for the “First Global Forum of the People of God. Towards a Church Inspired by the Gospel for the World”. The event took place in Rome from 20 to 22 November 2015 in the frame of the Council 50 process.

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Developments Related to the Publication of the Open Letter of Orthodox LGBT to the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church

On 23 June, during the proceedings of the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church gathered on Crete, the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups published an open letter signed by me, Misha Cherniak, on behalf of the Orthodox Working Group of the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups, and Elaine Sommers and Wielie Elhorst on behalf of the Forum’s Board. The letter contained three main points formulated as requests to the leaders of the Orthodox Church:

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Gender Values: Challenging the Christian Anti-Gender Movement in Central and Eastern Europe

Seminar on 28–30 October 2016 in the European Youth Center in Budapest, Hungary

The European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups invites activists from LGBT Christian and non-Christian groups from Central and Eastern Europe to this weekend seminar.

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40 Years Åpen Kirkegruppe

It was on 10 February 1976 that Aasmund Robert Vik started with the Åpen Kirkegruppe (Open Church Group) in Oslo, Norway. After spending some time in a Franciscan monastery in Assisi some time earlier, he discovered that he tried to flee from something. His future was not to be part of an monastic order, but to verbalize homosexuality and to work for a better position and treatment of homosexuals, women and men, in the Lutheran Church. Aasmund found inspiration to do so after visiting the then Gay Christian Movement in London and with the support by a Dutch Roman-Catholic priest.

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