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Challenges Facing NGOs in Conflict and Post-Conflict Situations

Read the transcript of the talk by Wielie Elhorst subtitled “When Violence Is a Part of Public Life – Civil Society and the Top-Down Polarisation”, held on the occasion of World NGO day within the framework of a webinar. 

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The Transgender Europe Council – Antwerp, June 2018

Mark and Elaine at the conference

Report by Elaine (UK) and Mark (Russia)

From June 28 – July 1 we (Elaine and Mark) had the opportunity to attend Transgender Europe’s biennial Council meeting in Antwerp, representing the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups. We are both core members of the Forum’s Trans Working Group. We are grateful to the Forum for this opportunity to meet many trans people, outside a faith setting.

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Council of Europe Conference “Homosexuality and Contemporary Christianity”

On 5 July 2018, Misha Cherniak, Programme Officer and coordinator of the Orthodoxy Working Group, and Wielie Elhorst, Co-President and coordinator of the Political Advocacy Working Group, were present at a unique event, a one-day conference on homosexuality and contemporary Christianity, organized by the SOGI Unit of the Council of Europe. Effectively, mostly Orthodox academics and church representatives took the floor to share their vision on homosexuality and Orthodox anthropology and ecclesiology (programme).

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Special Youth Event at the Annual Conference in Rome/Albano


Are you a young LGBT Christian person willing to make LGBT youth have their say on their sexuality and challenges within the Christian churches in Europe? Join us in Albano Laziale/Rome, Italy this year!

The annual conference of the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups will take place in Albano Laziale/Rome, Italy, on 9-13 May 2018. This year, a special welcome will be reserved to young people!

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Report on the Second Assembly of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics

Almost 100 Catholics and friends from 35 countries gathered from November, 30th to December, 3rd in Dachau near Munich, Germany, to celebrate the birth of a new star: the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics (GNRC). 

The town that had experienced the horrors of the night of Holocaust, with a concentration camp that had captive and tortured thousands of prisoners including some 600 homosexuals, became the place where the light of the approved constitution and internal regulations of this new entity shone forth to illuminate the path towards full realisation of LGBT+ rights in the Catholic Church. 

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