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of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups


Information about the yearly EuroPride is published on the official Euro Pride website.

On this page you can find the contributions of the European Forum to the Euro Pride. Under Upcoming events you can find the next Euro Pride when the date is known.

Report: EuroPride 2016 in Amsterdam

Giant rainbow flag ad the Oude Kerk

From 23 July until 7 August, the City of Amsterdam celebrated Europride. The chosen theme was “Join our Freedom”, a theme that could easily resonate with those of a Christian background. Europride has seen quite a large number of religious activities, not only from a Christian point of view (see flyer). The European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups was partly responsible for the Rainbow Celebration with which Europride opened on Saturday 23 July.

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Visiting EuroPride 2015 in Riga, Latvia

When Amsterdam was elected as the city for EuroPride 2016 in the fall of 2013 it only appeared logical to me to visit EuroPride in Riga, Latvia. My initial idea was just to travel there and taste the atmosphere of EuroPride. My special interest was (and is) to see if we can build up to a meaningful and joyful inter-religious LGBT presence in Amsterdam in 2016. As time went by the idea grew not just to go to Riga to be there, but to see if the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups could also do something that would be meaningful for LGBT Christians there. And what better way to do that than to add to all that EuroPride has to offer with a special Rainbow Celebration in a church?

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Making changes - Euro Pride 2011

At the Euro Pride 2011 in Rome, Italy, Nils Jøran Riedl of the Open Church group in Oslo, Norway, held this speech about Making changes – a short story about the history of Gay and Lesbians in the Church of Norway.

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2012 EuroPride London, UK

The 2012 Euro pride took place in London, UK in July. Martin Pendergast wrote an impression.

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Video Euro Pride 2011 Rome

Watch the video from the EuroPride 2011 in Rome. It is in Italian and English with subtitles in both languages.

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Situation of Lesbians and Gays in the Churches of Europe

Overall Situation of Lesbians and Gays in the Churches of Europe and the case history of Spain - the speech of Enric Vilà during the Euro Pride 2011 in Rome.

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